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A timeless classic with a 2.0 twist!

You and your family will spend countless hours having fun with this 2 in 1 application. Not only do you get the original classic “Fifteen (15)” game, you also get an additional 2 levels: Kids (3×3 or 8 ) and Brain Buster (5×5 or 24). You also get a completely new way to challenge yourself, friends and family by turning a photo from your album into a puzzle.

This game is perfect for:

★ commutes to work and school

★ long trips or plane, train or car rides

★ lounging around the house or relaxing

★ exercising your mind

You know who else used to love this game? Bobby Fisher, the chess prodigy.


Warning! This game is extremely addictive. We will not be held responsible for consequences of playing this game.

Available today for only $1.99

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