Machine Learning Consulting for


Machine Learning Consulting for


Less Artificial.
More Intelligent.

We use cutting edge
machine learning and artificial intelligence
to rapidly and repeatedly deliver you
insights and advantages from your data.

Traditionally, machine learning projects can be very slow and expensive to implement. Gooey Apps has a simple mission: make machine learning more accessible. Our team of data scientists leverage decades of experience as software engineers. This enables us to quickly and efficiently implement a wide variety of custom machine learning projects. We teach machines to read (natural language processing, or NLP), to see (video segmentation and image understanding), and to understand business data in order to make high value, custom predictions across the most common business data points.


We schedule a short call with you and your team to determine what’s possible given your project goals and your data. Assessment calls are the quickest way to for both of us to explore a mutual fit and are always free of charge.

Your project. Your data. Your goals.

We work with your team and your data to help you produce the transformative business results that you want to see.