Photo Assistant™

Harnessing the power of the iPad Pro®, Photo Assistant uses a whopping 12 megapixel camera with on-screen guidelines to create beautiful, crisp, and consistent images of your inventory. With a solid 4G LTE connection, your photographer has an up-to-date inventory list in hand at all times, ensuring optimum Time-to-Market.

by Dealer Image Pro™


Autoport™ is a custom built enterprise platform that interacts directly with dealership inventory tools to get their photos online quickly and safely. Allowing dealerships to monitor their virtual frontline and time-to-market details at a glance.

by Dealer Image Pro™

Kott Marine Services

Kott Marine Services is a maritime company based is New Orleans, Louisiana. We designed their logo to represent their maritime heritage. The nautical flags on the left are the phonetic symbols for the company’s acronym KMS – “Kilo”, “Mike”, “Sierra”. The letter O is stylized to represent a compass rose.

Westerlies Trade Company

The Westerlies Trade Company is a California based cannabis cooperative. Specializing in infusing cannabis with coffees, teas and exotic spices. We designed The Westerlies Trade Company’s logo to be reminiscent of the major trade companies of 17th century.

TCP Insurance

TCP Insurance offers a variety of insurance packages serving the needs of Advertising Photographers, Production Companies, Videographers and Photography Studios. We have been working with TCP for several years, beginning with their web design. Together we will soon be releasing an entirely new type of insurance policy for creatives.

TCP Insurance

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